1. Can my balloons be customized?

Absolutely! Erin, the owner of Brockin Balloons, is a Cricut connoisseur and can create almost anything on your balloon- words, images, even brand logos! We have many color options for you to choose from and the best part is that you can repurpose your vinyl after your event! 

2. How do I order balloons?

Step 1- Complete the inquiry form here

Step 2- After we've gone over questions and you're ready to proceed with payment, I will send over an invoice. We ask for a 50% deposit to hold your date and the rest of your total is due within 24 hours before your event. All deposits made to hold the date of your event are non-refundable.

3. Do you deliver and set up?

Bouquet Delivery: $15 flat fee (from north of Northlake, south of Indiantown, and west of Military)

An additional $4/ mile for anything outside of our zone 

Garlands <10 ft: Perfect for pick-ups! Hanging kit included


Garlands >10 ft:  Delivery suggested (WPB, PBG, Jupiter only)


 On Site Install Minimum 

$250 for weekdays

 $350 for weekends

*Pricing excludes delivery/install fee 

Please place your order minimum of 2 weeks in advance. We will always try to accommodate our clients, but some colors and add-ins may be unavailable.

4. How long will your balloons last?​

 The latex balloons are coated with a glue that extends the life of the balloon from 18-48 hours, sometimes even multiple days. Helium is very sensitive to extreme heat and cold, meaning that the lifespan of your balloons could be effected by the temperature of your house or the weather outside. Balloon garlands/installations last anywhere from 1 day to 3 months depending on the conditions. 

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee your balloons will last at all once they have been delivered or picked up. Toddlers, tree branches, brick walls, hot cars, and nails are just a few examples of things that can pop your helium balloons. Once delivered, we are not held responsible for any balloons that are popped, stolen, lost, poked or let go of. If WE pop your balloon, it will be replaced at no charge or a refund will be issued if we're unable to get a replacement in time

 I use wall friendly, 3M command hooks.             is an instructional video on how to remove them. 

5. What type of balloons do you use?

We use the highest quality balloon available made in the U.S. and Canada. They are 100% biodegradable latex balloons as well as mylar foil balloons.

6. What is your cancellation and return policy?

Sorry, balloon returns aren't possible. The deposit you pay is non-refundable. You are responsible for full payment if you cancel less than 24 hours before your event.


Installation Information:

It is your responsibility to confirm that balloons are allowed at your venue. Installation time ranges from 30 minutes to 3+ hours. Please prepare accordingly. You are responsible for take down. If you are  renting an item with us we will be sure to schedule a time to come back and collect our supplies.

Additional Fees:

We charge a 20% installation fee. However, if you have a complex design that requires additional support

(like extra long ladders, truck rentals, or heavy equipment rentals),

we will inform you of any additional installation charges. 

Delivery Charges (bouquets/marquees):

$15 flat fee (from north of Northlake, south of Indiantown, and west of Military)

Please note you will be charged an additional $4/ mile for anything outside of our zone.

Currently only accepting deliveries in WPB, PBG, and Jupiter

*All orders are available for FREE pick up in Palm Beach Gardens.*


Our wildlife is important to us so we use 100% biodradable balloons. We ask that you do not. release any helium balloons in the air and please dispose of all balloons properly. 


Deposits and Payment: 

We require a 50% deposit of your total to secure your balloon installation. All deposits are final. If you order less than 5 days in advance, full payment is required. 


Final payment is due as your confirmation 24 hours before your installation. Without payment, you forfeit your deposit and your services will not be delivered.  

Product and Service Statement:

All sales are final. Balloons are not permanent items and can be adversely affected by weather conditions, rough handling, and other uncontrollable factors. Once delivered, we. are no longer responsible for your balloons. 


If you are planning an outdoor event or need an outdoor installation, please have a weather plan on file with us. If you contact us 36 hours in advance, we can offer a raincheck. Without notification of 36 hours full payment is still due.