Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can my balloons be customized?

Absolutely! Erin, the owner of Brockin Balloons, is a Cricut connoisseur and can create almost anything on your balloon- words, images, even brand logos! We have many color options for you to choose from and the best part is that you can repurpose your vinyl after your event! 

2. How do I order balloons?

You can either fill out a request form on our CONTACT page to place an order or email

3. Do you deliver and set up?

Installation and Delivery Charges are separate and determined based on distance + complexity of install.  

Design & Installation Fee - Starts at $30 (depends on size and labor) 

Delivery/Drop Off:  Delivery is included north of Northlake, south of Donald Ross, and east of Military Trail.

$3 per mile outside of local delivery area ($30 minimum order)

Please place your order minimum of 2 weeks in advance. We will always try to accommodate our clients, but some colors and add-ins may be unavailable.

4. How long will your balloons last?​

*Our 24in and 30in balloons will last about 48 hours. However this is subject to change depending on exposure conditions.  Helium is very sensitive to extreme heat and cold: this means the life span of your balloon could be effected by the temperature of your house or the weather outside.  If your balloons are personalized with vinyl as the balloon loses air the vinyl will slowly start to peel off. Feel free to repurpose it on something else! 

*Indoor balloon arches can last several days (if not exposed to extreme conditions).

*Outdoor balloons will vary based on the conditions. It is highly recommended to hang them on the day of your event. 

5. What type of balloons do you use?

We use the highest quality balloon available made in the U.S. and Canada.

6. What is your cancellation and return policy?

Sorry, balloon returns aren't possible. The deposit you pay is non-refundable. You are responsible for full payment if you cancel less than 24 hours before your event.